Welcome to BAAZDshop


1. What payment methods are available ?
You can pay with PayPal or credit card. If you do not have any of those, you can write an email to contact@alexeibazdarev.com and get the bank account data for standard bank money transfer.

2. How do I get my purchased products ?
You will see a download link directly on the purchase confirmation page, after the payment is done. You will also get an email with the download link shortly after the purchase is completed.

3. What if I have not gotten any confirmation email with the download link yet?
Sometimes there can be errors with sending a confirmation email (because your mailbox is full or server not working properly for example). You can contact us directly at contact@alexeibazdarev.com and we will resend the confirmation email.

4. Will I get an invoice?
Yes, you will get an invoice within the confirmation email shortly after the purchase is completed.

5. How do I install the presets ?
There is an installation guide .PDF file within each products .zip package, which should help you to properly install the presets for whatever software you bought them for.

6. The download link does not work (any more).
The download link expires after 5 download attempts. If you have had problems with downloading the products and your download links have expired, just contact us at contact@alexeibazdarev.com, so we can help you with the download.

7. What versions of Software do I need, so the presets work properly?
We use always the newest versions of the software, to produce new presets for you. So it is better, that you also keep your software updated.
In the product description on the product page you can see, which version of the software you need for the presets to be installed and work properly.
For Capture One you would need at least version 9.1.
For Adobe Lightroom and CameraRaw you would need versions CC and 9.*

8. Do the presets work on all kind of photos ?
The presets work on all kind of photos, but the results are, of course, different, depending on your original files. Presets are not an universal tool for every situation, they are special tools for special situations.
Travel presets packages are designed mostly for jpeg photos (for example from phone cameras, GoPro action cameras and so on), so they work better with those, but also can be used with RAW files.
The best way to use the presets is to use them on similar kind of photos, which you see on the example pictures: presets, designed for sunny outdoor photos, would not look as good on the photos, taken in shade or in the studio, with completely different lighting.

9. What are the best and quickest ways to adjust the presets, so they fit my photos?
If you do not get the expected result straight away, you should try to adjust the sliders in your raw converting software.
Most important adjustments are Exposure and Whitebalance - just try to change those values to achieve great results with our presets on your photos.