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Travel Pack 1 presets for Adobe Lightroom / CameraRAW


for software:

Product Details

- 14 color and 2 black&white presets
- for Adobe Lightroom or CameraRaw
- film look style
- great for photos made with smartphones, gopro cameras
- also works with files from DSLR/mirrorless cameras
- easy to use for getting great results out of your photos
- work best with jpegs (used with iphone/gopro travel photos) and also work with raw photos
- adjust exposre and colore temperature values to fit your photos

A package of 16 Presets, which I usually use for my travel photographs.

Most of the time those are pics shot with iPhone or GoPro cam, as I prefer to travel light and to have the possibility to act quickly, when I see something interesting.
All the images are being processed in Lightroom or CameraRaw to get the look, which fits my personal style. Using presets makes editing quick and easy, and it's an effective way to get the result you want.